[AusNOG] traffic blocked to netspace networks?

Sam Tilders sam at australiaonline.net.au
Tue Jul 17 11:07:31 EST 2007

Heya folks,

Someone on the list from Netspace might be able to help me out here.

Last Wednesday the 11th we started getting calls from customers saying
they were unable to access their netspace webmail and sites hosted in

It turned out they were all on the same ADSL ip pool,

Investigating it I found that traffic stopped at the interconnect
between PIPE Adelaide and Netspace.

>From other network ranges I can trace and ping all the way to netspace
hosts, however from I...

- can ping our upstream
- can ping PIPE in Adelaide (including their looking glass/route server)
- cannot ping AS4854.adelaide.pipenetworks.com, which appears to be
  the Netspace interface.
- cannot get a response from hosts beyond the Netspace interface.

The Netspace interface and hosts beyond it respond to other networks
we have.

It would be really helpful if someone from Netspace could contact 
me to try and work out why this is the case.

- Sam

    _--_|\      Sam Tilders
Australia \     sam at australiaonline.net.au

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