[AusNOG] Re: [AusNOG-meeting] Boo!

James Spenceley james at isphone.com.au
Mon Jul 16 16:23:56 EST 2007

Hi Adrian,

I'll send you the sponsorship doc that i prepared for cisco.

I'm still waiting to get a conformation from the Novotel, I can't get  
ahold of the girl there, but the date is looking to be 15th/16th  



On 16/07/2007, at 4:22 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 16, 2007, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
>> Hey all, just thought I would wake people up and see where we are  
>> at with
>> some things so it looks like we have some traction.
>> a)	Logo - who was doing it - any ideas yet?
>> b)	Website - who is doing it - where some examples of other work  
>> being
>> posted - NZNOG template?
>> c)	Do we have an official date which has been booked?  I want to  
>> start
>> letting interested people know to reserve that date
> I've got potential interest from WAIA for sponsorship; I poked  
> Bambi about
> sponsorship details but I haven't heard anything back.
> A date would be a great starting point..
> Adrian
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