[AusNOG] EVERYONE should have a Stratum 1 time server, right?

Rob Thomas xrobau at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 16:45:24 AEDT 2022

On Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 15:59, Mark Delany <g2x at juliet.emu.st> wrote:
> Agreed. But lets be frank here. The antenna and cabling costs are likely to be orders of
> magnitude more than the shield/hat cost.

And that's pretty much the point, and is ALSO the reason why I went to
all this trouble.  Once someone (yay me) has
actually MADE the thing to be as lego-like as possible, the software
is super trivial, so all you guys need to do is
get the (who knows how much) Pi-or-Compatible, a patch lead ($3,
ebay),and an active antenna ($10, ebay)

Re software- almost the entirety of the config is here, in ntpsec.conf:

and the other knobs that I've twiddled to MY satisfactions in the
playbook and config.txt.

The only new thing is that there's the
extremely-suspiciously-poorly-documented "Stationary mode" which uBlox
added as a precursor to the 'T' series of devices, and after you cast
the magic incantations (see the Makefile),
it apparently compares quite well to a $200 T-series chip.

Notably, if you're caring that much about nanosecond-drift-over-hours,
then you'll have three in a temperature controlled
environment, with disparate antennas and calculate a quorum from
there. And use T series devices.  Most people HERE
I suspect aren't needing that much accuracy 8)

The only thing I'm slightly regretting is not making a CEO model.
It'll be exactly the same as the $30 one, but it'll cost
$300, and you can show it to your CEO and say you're getting the
expensive model, because the expensive one is better!

There's about 40 left at the time of writing this, if anyone's tossing
up getting some before I run out. Please don't think this
is a 'BUY IT NOW OR MISS OUT FOREVER' thing - if I need to, I'll order
some more, and will sell them at cost to the
AusNOG community, because I'm a selfish bastard who wants more ipv6
and less ipv4 - Even if you don't give it an
ipv6 address 8)

The stock level on the ordering page SHOULD be accurate -


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