[AusNOG] Optus Wifi calling assistance

Joseph Goldman joseph at goldman.id.au
Sun Jul 24 17:25:20 AEST 2022

You could go the net-eng route, give a phone some open access and 
capture its traffic to suss what it may be doing to complete a wifi 

In general though, although it may be that different carriers do it 
slightly different - wifi calling appears to happen over IPSec tunnels, 
and maybe encrypted SIP, so many commonalities across the board appear 
to be:

UDP 500,4500, 5061
TCP 143, 443, 993 (some of these are for visual voicemail though)

You might be able to get it working with a combo of this, its worth a 
shot, but if no luck would definitely require specifics from Optus or 
someone who's gone through it before.

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>Hi Noggers,
>I’m looking for a contact at Optus (or not at Optus maybe?) who would 
>be able to advise what we need to permit on our firewalls to get Wifi 
>Calling working on the Optus network.
>I have tried the normal customer support channels and they were 
>predictably useless.
>Alex Chard
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