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Karl Kloppenborg k at rl.ag
Wed Aug 10 18:45:58 AEST 2022

Dear all,

I am not affiliated with this “shanti” character, but I can say from a cybersec background that any person who takes to posting publicly this type of information from:

  1.  An anonymous email.
  2.  Doesn’t disclose that they’ve privately attempted to communicate with the company and when that communication was and in what form.
  3.  Has not provided relevant security agency and research department information.
Has no business telling you about cyber security breaches.

Treat this Shanti character as someone with zero honest intentions and the email as an attempt to bad mouth a company.
With that said, I am not affiliated with SAU in any way, I am just simply stating facts from an industry I am active within.

If it’s originated from who I think it has come from – then they’re absolutely not respected or to be trusted.

Contact SAU for information should you be concerned, take it from the horse’s mouth. Not this nefarious and frankly dumbfounded email.

Kind Regards,
Karl Kloppenborg, (BCompSc, CNCF-[KCNA, CKA, CKAD], LFCE, CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004)
Managing Director, Invention Labs.

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After reading the "down again" discussion on whirlpool and receiving a very concerning email from Servers Australia advising us to change passwords, we did some research and found someone selling the Servers Australia customer database on the dark web this is a very concerning situation. Change all your passwords on all your servers and make sure there are no rootkits installed. Not going to include any more info we found here but the list of items supposedly contained in the breach is really bad. We are very concerned.

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