[AusNOG] Onsite tech in Dandenong VIC

Thomas Jones me at thomasjones.id.au
Wed Aug 3 14:57:57 AEST 2022

Hi noggers,

We have a client opening a new site in Dandenong South next month and will need to get someone to assist on-site (we're on the Gold Coast).

If anyone is interested can you please reply off-list with your hourly rates etc. Work will involve racking a server, installing wireless APs, getting me access to a switch via remote access (likely via a laptop) and patching cables in, along with generic onsite PC installation and troubleshooting etc.

Kind regards,
Thomas Jones
M: 0467 283 967<tel:0467283967>
E: me at thomasjones.id.au<mailto:me at thomasjones.id.au>

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