[AusNOG] Promotional material at AusNOG Events.

Nikolas Geyer nik at neko.id.au
Tue Aug 2 14:36:23 AEST 2022

How incredibly disappointing.

NOGs are primarily centered around the community spirit of peers in a shared industry being able to socially exchange with others, whether that be technical or otherwise. The exchange or handing out of “swag” has been integral to this spirit for a very long time now as a gesture of good will between participants. The AusNOG website whilst not referencing the exchange of swag does mention the community oriented nature and spirit, with the primary word being used here “community”.

I understand there are commercial implications to running events, and that sponsors do a tremendous job in enabling a community to meet those commercial implications and expect a ROO, but that’s why they get their names plastered all over the material and the ability to run a “booth” at the conference correct?

To take away one of the most social aspects from such a community event is disgusting and goes against the spirit of the community. Good job sponsor, when it comes out who you are I hope you’re prepared for the likely backlash.

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> On Aug 2, 2022, at 2:21 PM, david at hughes.id wrote:
> Afternoon all,
> We've been contacted by one of the sponsors of our conference in April about companies who aren't sponsors handing out promotional material, in particular branded t-shirts etc.  While everyone likes getting a bag full of free merch, we ask that attendees respect the financial commitment that our sponsors make towards funding the conference.  They cover almost half the cost and in return they get the right to promote themselves to all of you who attend.
> If you are not a sponsor please do not distribute swag to delegates at the conference.
> Regards,
> David, on behalf of the Board
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