[AusNOG] Mikrotik SwOS Port mirroring and VLAN Filtering

Johnathon Brandis jcbrandis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 20:46:13 EST 2021

I was about to ask the same. A huge win for some of the works I have coming up, would be putting some packet broker features into this ultra low cost  Swiss Army knife switch. Extending your example to include not just vlan, but Source/Dest IP (and if anyone knows a switch low cost that can do that, I’m all ears)

Following. Great thread. 

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> On 22 Oct 2021, at 3:52 pm, Andres Miedzowicz <Andres.Miedzowicz at gsn.com.au> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Does anyone know if the Mikrotik switches running SwOS can do port mirroring in combination with VLAN filtering so that the only packets with a specific VLAN ID tag are mirrored?
> Thanks
> Andres
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