[AusNOG] Telstra ATM/Frame/BDSL decommissioning

Russell Langton russell3901 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 11:12:59 EST 2021

Hi All,

Just a reminder that Telstra is seeking to decommission all ATM/Frame/BDSL
services by 31 Aug 2022.


*ATM Cease Sale and Exit Notification*

*1.5 The ATM Service will not be available for purchase by new customers
from 9 April 2018.*

*1.6 From 30 June 2019, customers with existing ATM services will no longer
be allowed to add new ATM services, make external relocations of existing
ATM services, or recontract existing ATM services.*

*1.7 From 31 August 2022, we will exit ATM and cancel all remaining ATM

ATM/Frame/BDSL services might be used in legacy parts of networks for
connectivity between sites, to TID, or to different platforms.

If you have any remaining ATM/Frame/BDSL services, please make sure
migration plans are in progress with your account teams. or if not in use
ensure cancellation orders are submitted

Reach out directly if any details need to be confirmed.
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