[AusNOG] Google Public DNS via MegaIX Melbourne

Shane Clay shane at caznet.com.au
Wed Nov 17 08:20:00 EST 2021

Yes. We are. Since about 10.00 AM ACDT yesterday. Still ongoing today.

For Us:

-BGP session to Google A ( refuses to connect.
-BGP session to Google B ( connects, but we lose connectivity to when it’s up.
-As soon as we shut down that second session, everything returns to normal.
-Our peering with Google in Sydney (IX AU) and MegaIX (Sydney) don’t seem to have any issues.

I’ve been working with Google NOC by email since yesterday and we’re not making much progress.

I’ll update them now that we’re not the only ones affected!


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There is reports of a significant google outage which appears to have been resolved.
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Hey Guys,

Anyone else having issues connecting to Google Public DNS via MegaIX in Melbourne? Confirmed reachable via MegaIX Sydney, as well as other peering providers in Melbourne, so may just be limited to MegaIX in Melbourne?

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