[AusNOG] looking for a small hosting provider to take over a few of my clients

Ross [Eve IT] ross at eve-it.net
Sat May 1 08:39:23 EST 2021

Thanks to everyone who responded.
I'll do my best to reach out to all of you by the end of next week.
Have a great weekend!


On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 1:44 PM Ross [Eve IT] <ross at eve-it.net> wrote:

> Hello peoples,
> I'm in the process of winding up my small business (due to personal
> reasons) and have about 3 clients with some basic Wordpress sites who need
> a new home.
> If anyone is looking at taking on some new clients, they are small, quiet
> and pay on time, please send me a message offlist.
> Also, a couple of 1300 numbers will need to be ported.
> Regards,
> Ross.
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