[AusNOG] Remove IP range blocks on Disney+

Damian Ivereigh damo at launtel.net.au
Wed Jun 30 00:13:58 EST 2021

Hi all,

Just a quick follow up on this. I have been given some email addresses 
that I will try.

However we have discovered this is unlikely to be an IP blocking issue, 
but rather a failure when running IPv6. We are able to reproduce a 
rather unhelpful 83 error ("equipment not compatible"), when the android 
TV connects through IPv6. Disable the IPv6 and it all works. Of course 
disabling IPv6 sucks given that ISPs are trying to get more people to 
use it. Anyone else seen this problem? So much for "Happy Eyeballs" Disney!


On 6/29/21 4:11 PM, Damian Ivereigh wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Has anyone got any contacts for whoever manages the CDN for Disney 
> Plus? We seem to be having the age old issues with them blocking some 
> of our IP ranges because they think they are hosted outside Australia.
> We have tried going through the normal front door, but they refuse to 
> help because we are not customers.
> Thanks
> Damian

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