[AusNOG] Remove IP range blocks on Disney+

Stavros Patiniotis stavros at staff.esc.net.au
Tue Jun 29 18:10:10 EST 2021

Hello Damian,

Whist you're waiting on a direct Disney+ contact, if you haven't already,
you might want to check various other geolocation databases are correct and
update them as required. See
https://whatismyipaddress.com/geolocation-providers  and

Make sure you also update your APNIC whois records with lat/long. I find
this one very helpful.

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Hey guys,

Has anyone got any contacts for whoever manages the CDN for Disney Plus? 
We seem to be having the age old issues with them blocking some of our 
IP ranges because they think they are hosted outside Australia.

We have tried going through the normal front door, but they refuse to 
help because we are not customers.



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