[AusNOG] Japanese Speaking Network Guy/Gal required

Alan Woodman alan at awoodman.net
Wed Jun 23 16:17:59 EST 2021

Hi Cameron,

If you get stuck and can't find someone, you can use the NAATI database to find a translator (would be fee-for-service):
You might need to do some ringing around to find someone with the appropriate understanding at the level you need...

I learnt Chinese/Mandarin many years ago, my Chinese tutor is NAATI certified and before she came to Australia, she was a translator working for ZTE, so while she wasn't a network engineer, she understood the terminologies in both English and Chinese in quite a lot of detail...



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Hi All,

We're experiencing some issues with network traffic from our AS 58868 to AS 4694 (IDC Frontier) We've tried emailing and calling however their phone system appears to have no english speaking NOC staff which is understandable.

Would anyone be able to assist us on the matter? I'm sure a carton could be arranged for your time.


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