[AusNOG] Draytek 130 blank username/passwords

Benjamin Ricardo ben.ricardo at acs.com.au
Tue Jun 22 13:33:44 EST 2021

Hi All,
Looking for some shared experience here.
We've had a complaint from our NBN wholesaler that our Draytek's, which are configured in PPPoE passthrough, are sending blank authentications to their Radius server at a rate which is impacting their services.
Our standard deployment since about 2010 has been to deploy an xDSL type modem in PPPoE passthrough and then use a router to send the authentication. Interestingly we've never had this complaint before...
Our work around was that our wholesaler requires the credentials to be sent on a vlan so instead of using the Draytek to handle the vlan-ing we changed the router to insert the vlan (so the Draytek can be as noisy as it likes and it doesn't affect them)

I'm wondering if others have also had this experience with these devices... and what you did about it?
Also, surely if the stupid Draytek is in pppoe passthrough it should know not to try to authenticate itself???


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