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James Hodgkinson yaleman at ricetek.net
Sat Jul 31 08:40:40 EST 2021

It’s a special event, so run a red carpet down the hall way and run a cable under that? :) You’ll have power etc for streaming cameras and other gear so one more cable  shouldn’t be an issue and the cable can be gaffa taped down and exit somewhere else. 

Or skip the carpet and just run it along the skirting board and out the door 😅


On 2021-07-31 02:39 Karl Auer wrote:
> I hope this is not inappropriate for this forum...
> We need to stream from a particular venue that has no wired access in
> the space we will be streaming from. It's a cinema, so every wall and
> the ceiling is fireproofed/firewalled. Punching holes in any of them is
> a big, big deal, and not going to happen for one event. The floor is
> concrete. The venue has wifi, but our experiments have shown it to be
> poor - one access point, quite distant and through a couple more walls.
> The projection room is directly adjacent and through only one wall, and
> it has excellent access to the venue's wired network. There are glass
> projection ports in that wall, but they do not open. 2.4G reaches from
> the space into the projection room OK, 5GHz does not do so well. With
> an audience in the space, all with mobile phones, all with wifi turned
> on, we are concerned that we will lose wifi performance, even if the
> signal strength is good, and even though we will not be permitting
> those devices to actually associate with the wifi.
> So how do we stream from inside this space to the outside world with
> anything approaching speed or reliability? The bandwidth bottleneck
> will be the venue's NBN connection, but anything that is as fast or
> faster than (say) 50mb/s will do the job.
> Right now my best solution - and I doubt a very good one - is to put a
> 2.4GHz access point against the wall inside the projection room, wired
> to the venue network, put a wifi station against the wall outside the
> projection room, and run an ethernet cable to the streaming station.
> Any other ideas gratefully received.
> Regards, K.
> PS Mobile telephony is not an option here. FSO might work through the
> projection ports, but probably expensive, LOS will be a problem with an
> audience, and we'd probably have difficulty with accurate mounts (the
> available tech is nailguns and hot glue :-)
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