[AusNOG] "Telstra" scammers

Bradley Amm brad at bradleyamm.com
Sun Feb 21 21:41:55 EST 2021

Sort of like a SPF for phone numbers

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You know how pretty much everybody seems to have implemented spoofing
controls on IP's exiting their networks?
People need to get on that for the phone side (whilst yes exceptions
should be allowed you really should need to prove it's your number). If
it needs regulation to force it then so be it.

Also, I ask them if their mother knows they are criminals trying to
steal from old ladies.
They get very upset by this as a rule.

My 95 year old grandmother is still getting 3-5 "nbn your phone will be
disconnected at midnight" calls per week.

On 19/02/2021 7:54 am, Mark Andrews wrote:
> Well at least with the NBN rollout basically done I haven’t heard from “Nicole from NBN”
> saying my phone is going to be cut off if I don’t do something in a while.
> Whats needed is a simple way to report “the last call to this line was a scam” so the
> calls can be traced back to their source along with a legislated requirement to follow
> the call trail back to its source.   I get several calls like this a day from
> “Telstra NBN”, “Mastercard Visa”, “E-Bay and suspicious iPhone purchase”, etc.  It’s
> so common that my wife looks at the caller-id and says “It’s your girlfriend calling
> again” from the number of times Nichole called.
> Unfortunately I need to field calls from unknown numbers for new members for Scouts, etc.
> I’ve even had them callback and ask why I hung up on them.  They really don’t like it when
> I call the “crooks”, “criminals”, “scammers” etc.
> Mark
>> On 18 Feb 2021, at 21:50, Tim Dooley <tim.dooley at outlook.com> wrote:
>> While telecom companies such as Telstra are required to limit outbound calls from their SIP Trunks (ensuring you own the number you're trying to present), there are "IT" companies which offer SIP trunks without being a telco, this means they do not have to follow the same guidelines.
>> Just 2 days ago I became aware of a scammer presenting a school's main number on outbound calls, being part of the team supporting the schools phone system I can guarantee the system wasn't hacked at all.
>> There was no traffic from the school's phone system to Telstra during the time of the scam calls, however plenty of angry people were calling back yelling at the admin staff.
>> so basically yes, a VoIP seller (yet not an official telco) putting zero security on the calling number.
>> Cheers,
>> Tim
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>> How are they making calls into AU mobile networks ?
>> Surely they need a SIP service as a starting point.
>> Is it a VoIP seller not performing checks ??
>> Darren.
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>> Unfortunately not a lot can be done
>> I had a similar call today. Just blocked the numbers.
>> Probably a spoofed number as well
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>> Just had a scam call from a female operator, called from "0432 594 523" (probably a spoofed number), says her name is Selina from Telstra, that my modem has a virus. She gave her Telstra staff ID as C0527 (that's not a real Telstra staff ID, it starts with a 0 and it's too short) and hung up when I asked what her Team Leader or Manager's name and staff ID is.
>> So the "Telstra scammers" are still out there, trying to scam people.
>> Parasites.
>> Sent from my smartphone.
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