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David Hughes david at hughes.id
Fri Dec 24 12:52:11 AEDT 2021


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2021 has certainly been a challenging year for us all and has continued to put an increased level of importance on the services we as an industry provide.  Keeping our clients connected with each other has never been more important as we face another festive season with a reduced ability to see our family and friends.  I doubt you'll be flooded with Thank You cards, but I'm sure it's appreciated by those who use your services to call, chat, Zoom, FaceTime, or email their loved ones.

>From an AusNOG perspective it's the second year in which he haven't been able to hold events and gather our industry together as we normally would.  With what was AusNOG 2020 now scheduled for April 2022 we hope we'll finally have an opportunity to connect our community face to face.  It's been far too long.  We've been busy here at AusNOG and have much to share when we have an opportunity to catch up.

As I sign off for the year I hope you all have an opportunity to enjoy some well deserved downtime.  I wish you a safe and happy festive season and I look forward to sharing whatever 2022 brings with you all, hopefully in person.

Kind regards,


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