[AusNOG] Melbourne Primus/Vocus datacenter at 55 King closing

Nathanael Bettridge nathanael at prodigy.com.au
Tue Apr 13 10:40:35 EST 2021

Our account manager just advised (after we had to ask first) that the 59 Doody St NSW DC is closing November 2022 as well, so looks like they’re exiting the business entirely.

-Nathanael Bettridge

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Hi All

I have just found an email lost in my spam folder than the Melbourne Primus datacenter at 55 King Street operated by Vocus is closing down in 4 months on the 1st of August 2021.

I know this is an old datacentre but every time I visit its full of servers and has been very stable since they had power issues 10 years ago so I do not understand why its closing down and now the headache of finding a new provider and moving our servers with only four months notice.

I have had no contact from our account manager, no phone call from anyone which is disappointing and no option provided by Vocus to move our servers to a new location.

Surely if you are actually going to close down a datacenter you would offer to move your customers to a new location free of charge and how about all the network and fiber providers in this location what will happen to them.

Has anyone else received notification that the Primus 55 King Street datacenter is closing down or are they just trying to get rid small customers.


Adam – CCNP Senior Network & Systems Administrator
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