[AusNOG] Scam Calls originating from 02 8006 2433

Nick Green nichey80 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 23:26:27 EST 2020

Hi Evan , usually if the numbers able to be called back it’s usually a hacked pbx or hacked sip account that’s being used.

Cold calling a company saying you believe their pbx has been hacked and you would like to help them - sounds like a scam to them ;) 

If you manage to convince them to let you look through their logs : 
Ip tracking usually results in linking back to a tor network , VPN or international call centre and to get any action I would suspect afp and Interpol would need to get involved.

On the subject of detecting and removing this traffic service providers are not able to listen in to calls due to breaching privacy. The only real way to identify the traffic currently is for people to complain. There are many legitimate traffic profiles that look the same as scam traffic. 

I believe a few service providers are adding new restrictions next month to combat the scam traffic.

Kind regards 

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