[AusNOG] Issues with the new "Long Term Stable" 6.46.7 Mikrotik firmware released Sept 14, 2020

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Hi Roy,

If you haven't already, try reaching out via their Service Desk portal (https://help.mikrotik.com/servicedesk/customer/user/login?destination=portals).

I'd also jump on the Mikrotik Australia mailing list (if you haven't already - Mike is excellent and definitely knows far more about MT than anyone else I've spoken to.


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Hi All, Sorry for the noise, but it it saves just one of you, great.

Mikrotik changed from 6.45.9 to 6.46.7 long term stable a few days ago.
I am seeing DHCP problems as noted in the forum page below where Mikrotik announced it was out.
HAP AC2, RB3011, RB4011, no other yet, but it's early days.
Mikrotik doesn't seem to have responded.
There are some unhappy campers toward the end of that page (as was I, TWICE in the last 4 days)
Downgrade to 6.45.9 works perfectly.



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