[AusNOG] Issues with newly released Ubiquiti Unifi Controller Software 6.x

Roy Adams roy at racs.com.au
Wed Sep 23 13:33:01 EST 2020

Hi, All (again),

A client of mine with multiple sites with Mikrotik border FW's, Ubiq USG's,
Ubiq switch's, Ubiq hardware UCK's and various Ubiq Unifi AP models *using
VLANS* broke everything.
It may only be because he was using hotspot access tickets for all of his
resident guests - we are not entirely sure yet.

See note in the below URL:
Known issues:

   - VLANs beyond UAP wireless downlinks may not have connectivity* - under

In the end, the rollback for my client on all his sites was easy, as he has
backups for each sites going back 6 months, and 4 putty commands per UCK
rolled us back perfectly to 5.X controller software.

Not a good week for Mikrotik or Ubiquiti.

Take care everyone.


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