[AusNOG] TCP traffic between NTT and MSN

Chris O'Donoghue Chris.O at airdocs.io
Fri Sep 11 08:31:28 EST 2020

We run a communications company that (among other things) send email, no not spammy ones, boring ones like Insurance rate changes and health appointments etc.

We are experiencing significant degradation of TCP connections between Microsoft connected sites and NTT's Cloud.

We run almost all our services in Azure and we run a mail server hosted at NTT's Cloud.

At present we get about 1Mbit connection between Azure Sydney and NTT's Cloud in Sydney.
We also have an abominable connection rate to Microsoft hosted email, Much worse to Hotmail/Outlook.com than to O365 but still terrible.
Most emails to Microsoft consumer email services fail in the initial TCP conversation, or get a connection reset by peer during the SMTP conversation.

Is anyone else seeing similar issues? Is there any contact on here from NTT or MSN's NoC I would appreciate a private email.


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