[AusNOG] Monitor your network health with DASH

Elly Tawhai elly at apnic.net
Thu Oct 29 18:05:35 EST 2020


Monitor your network health with DASH

Hi AUSNOG Community,

APNIC is pleased to announce a new tool to help keep your network
devices secure and healthy by monitoring suspicious traffic come from
your network.

The Dashboard for Autonomous System Health (DASH) is free for all
APNIC Members and uses information from current honeynet data to see,
for example, if malware exists in your networks, which in turn, may
launch attacks on other networks.

Is DASH right for me?

DASH will give you an idea of how your Autonomous System (AS) looks
relative to other networks. By analysing the level of suspicious
activity using DASH, you can check to see if the problem is serious and
do something about it. DASH allows you to check how your AS looks
compared to the broader economy or region, whether your network has a
history of suspicious activity, and whether it’s getting better or

By monitoring this activity and correcting any compromised devices on
your network, you’re also protecting other networks in the region, as
well as your customers and infrastructure.

Added benefits

DASH also provides you with:

     - Reports for informed decision making (table of offending prefixes,
       high-level summary PDF report, and so forth)
     - Detailed information on specific prefixes and IP addresses that
       have been sending suspicious traffic
     - Additional insights about a set of prefixes if requested
     - Up-to-date security news

Explore DASH now and see how you can secure your network and help
improve the health of networks across the Asia Pacific.

Try DASH now!


On behalf of:

Sofia Silva Berenguer
Product Manager, Information Services

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