[AusNOG] RFC - Mobile carriers/resellers/MVNO's/whatever

Rob Thomas xrobau at gmail.com
Tue May 26 11:26:53 EST 2020

I have about 160 odd mobile phones that are currently through Telstra.
It's getting to the point where trying to get them to do anything is
like shouting into the void.

Is there anyone here who is a MVNO (doesn't need to be Telstra, but
our location doesn't have good Voda coverage) that can do things like
'port in', 'release number to end user, because they want to own their
number', 'port out', 'create new mobile number', 'delete mobile
number' without needing a physical body to stand in a queue at some
third-party reseller pretending to be a carrier's random shop for
three hours?

It would be GREAT if it was all web/API based, but even firing off an
email to a human is OK.

I'd LIKE shared data, but it's not a dealbreaker if it's
$stupid_amount per phone that's not shared. I'd also like IPv6 on the
data network, too, but I'm not sure who (if anyone) is doing that.

Replies offlist please, and if you're also interested in this, hit me
up and I'll send you a summary too!


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