[AusNOG] Senderscore.org

Tim McCullagh technical at halenet.com.au
Tue May 12 12:12:11 EST 2020

Hi Chaps

Just a query to see how many people either use or no longer use senderscore 
as a mail blocking list in an ISP environment.

I realise bigpond are using it because my domain email is currently being 
blocked by them.  When I look at it,  it seems to be totally unsuited for an 
ISP environment. Unlike other blocking lists there does not seem to be any 
way of getting delisted other than signing up for an account with that crowd 
and bowing to their wishes.

My main issue with such a blocking list is that it would appear to operate 
on a 30 day  average.  My take on using a 30 day average in an ISP 
environment is that it is toatally unsuitable, given a client /clients may 
give out their password, thinking that they need to, that is then used to 
generate a degree of spam email, which is then stopped by the mail admin, 
but anyone using senderscore then may block that mail server / servers for 
upto 30 days.  My understanding of best practice is that spam prevention in 
an ISP environment is not to prevent valid email.  Senderscore certainly 
doesnt meet that .  Has anyone else had this issue with bigpond and how did 
you get around it?

My understanding is that best practice would block while the abuse is 
occurring and reset when the abuse stops.  I am interested in what others on 
the list may think

If their is a bigpond email admin on the list, can you contact me offlist



HaleNET Internet

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