[AusNOG] FYI: Telstra carrier interconnects are full

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Mon Mar 23 15:20:18 EST 2020

> Yes. With Telstra, it's an EXTRAORDINARLY big deal. You still have to
> use specific hardware, and SS7 signaling over ISDN

Oh. My bad. I was basing my assumptions on how I've seen voice delivered in the US. Even
big ol' bad boy and recalcitrant Telco, AT&T provides SIP over a PNI. At my $DayJob we
have a 10G PNI to them. Easily provisioned and managed as just-another-IP-network.

I was also under the impression, tho I could be wrong, that voice interconnects in the US
are increasingly over private IP networks with SIP. I assumed Australia was doing the
same. You are clearly saying "not so".

But ISDN? I still have nightmares over Telstra-variant LAPD state-machines from the dark
ages. I thought all that stuff was archaeological by now. Next thing you'll be telling me
is that Telstra still carry voice over an ATM transport or some archaic plesiochronous


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