[AusNOG] Mobile Data Capacity - Where's the bottleneck?

Troy Kelly troy at troykelly.com
Mon Mar 23 13:41:49 EST 2020

I understand that this isn't directly related to shifting packets - but it's come up in discussions a few times, and I feel like my understanding of things is wrong - if somebody has a few minutes for a diversion to their day - I'd love some clarity.

If a mobile carrier was to remove data caps, there would obviously be increased demand on the network. One of the arguments against removing data caps is that there is "not enough spectrum" available - and this there would be a massive speed impact for all users of the cell/tower.

My understanding was that the tower slowdowns were typically related to a lack of backhaul - but the argument I am seeing is that it is spectrum related.

Thanks in advance for any clarity you can share.

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