[AusNOG] Latency Melbourne to Perth

Bevan Slattery bevan at slattery.net.au
Wed Jan 29 20:49:34 EST 2020

Hi all,

Looking at buying some protection for capacity between Perth and Melbourne for a client requirement.  Does anyone know what the difference latency paths are between Melbourne to Perth?  Need to buy two paths and am flexible in sourcing a direct/single solution or splitting providers in Adelaide if needed.  Basically one path needs to be as low latency as possible and the other is pretty flexible (price sensitive).  At the end of the day if price is similar for this path then latency wins.  Any real world latency stats from NEXTDC M1 to either Equinix PE1/PE2 or NEXTDC P1/P2 would be awesome.  Off list is good.



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