[AusNOG] the state of bufferbloat awareness and remediation in australia?

Andrew Hearn andrew.hearn at aa.net.uk
Wed Jan 22 20:27:24 EST 2020

On 17/01/2020 00:53, Dave Taht wrote:
> Hi, all. I'm here at linux.conf.au having just given a talk about how
> tcp works in the bufferbloated age[1].
> On my way here I stopped in for a few days with geoff huston and
> george michaelson who filled my ears with the chaos of the NBN rollout
> and other issues in the australian network infrastructure... and gave
> me a shot at some data they had on bloat, and ecn usage in the wild
> which I hope to write up over the next month or so.
> I was wondering about a few things:
> How y'all doing on eliminating bufferbloat from your networks? Using
> things like fq_codel, sch_fq + bbr, etc?
> Do you have any awareness from your regulatorium?
> I see, from sites like whirlpool, that some consumer hardware here,
> like the fritzbox, have fq_codel now, but it's not clear if ISPs are
> actively configuring it (or what we call "sqm") yet. (theres a PPPoe
> message now in use in parts of germany for up/down and frame rate
> seeing increasing deployment).

Hi Dave,

(Kinda jumping in here, sorry!)

Have you more info about these PPPoE messages for line rate? We'd like
to use this with our product (we're an ISP in the UK), but sending the
tx/rx rate isn't in the PPP spec itself, so we'd be inventing new
messages. (or are the German devices getting the line rates from a DSL



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