[AusNOG] Telstra AS1221 RPKI Implementation

Mark Duffell mark at duffell.net
Fri Feb 21 16:20:46 EST 2020

Hi all,
You may have noticed last year Telstra AS1221 completed ROA signing of our prefixes:
25 Autonomous Systems with the most Address Space VALID by RPKI:
Telstra are now underway with the next phase of our RPKI implementation.
* Timeframe *
We have a target of June 2020 for the soft-launch of ROV (monitoring only), with a staged roll-out to follow.
* Things to be aware of *
We want to encourage everyone who hasn't already to start creating ROA's for any owned address space and to ensure ROA's reflect expected route-advertisements for your network. There are many great blogs/guides available on ROA creation to help getting started (i.e. APNIC blog).
We will start to arrange broader communication as we progress and work closely with the industry to encourage wider adoption and implementation of the RPKI standard in Australia.
* Contacting us *
For any queries or expressions of interest in ROV adoption please reach out to the Telstra RPKI Engineering team: rpkideployment at team.telstra.com

-Mark Duffell
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