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Fri Feb 7 09:08:12 EST 2020

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> On Feb 6, 2020, at 3:27 PM, Russell Langton <russell3901 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi AusNOGgers, 
> Following our dual-stack enablement in Aug 2016, Telstra is proud the announce the second step in our transition to IPv6 -  IPv6 Single-Stack deployment on Telstra wireless.
> This means shortly when you attach your mobile to Telstra.WAP APN it will only get an Ipv6 address NO Ipv4 address.
>  Note that the enablement is currently targeted at both pre and post-paid services.
> This deployment of Ipv6 Single-Stack is only for Telstra.WAP APN which is primarily used by handsets and tablets.
> Telstra.internet APN is primary used for dongles, BYOD tablets, modems etc. so this will remain as dual-stack.
>  * timeframe * 
> We are planning to start the deployment on 10/2 and 13/2 in South Australia.
> Further deployments in other states are planned by the end of Feb and will be advised to the list.
> * device scope *
> Any Mobile device that is configured as Dual Stack for Telstra.wap, either default or manually configured.
> The scope of this change will impact devices that are using the latest version of the operating system, either out of the box or through an OS update.
> It will also impact Android devices which are configured for Telstra.wap and manually configured for dual-stack.
>  * Things to be aware of *
> - This is a network based solution, when it receives a dual-stack request it will only allocate a Ipv6 Address.
> - Services on Telstra.WAP APN will only get a Ipv6 address(No Ipv4)
> - This solution is using a DNS64+NAT64 setup.
> - If your website/content/other is advertising a AAAA Ipv6 DNS record,             
>    => This may cause problems if your website is not 100% Ipv6
> - Impact to apps is expected to be limited as all apps submitted to Apple store have been DNS64/NAT64 mandated since June 1 2016.
>  * Basic flow *
> - If Alice is connecting to a website with a Ipv6 AAAA DNS record, It will be a pure Ipv6 connection.
> - If Alice is connecting to a website with only a A DNS record, our DNS will spoof the website address with a Well Known Prefix (WKP) so it routes to the NAT64 gateway to Ipv4 internet.
> - If Alice is connecting to a Ipv4 address literal(x.x.x.x), It may fail.
>  * Why is AusNOG hearing about this now *
> This is a major step in Telstra's Ipv6 journey, and with all things there will be teething issues when we launch.
> We are aiming to work with community forums like AusNOG and Whirlpool to ensure this is a smooth transition. 
>   *Contacting us* 
> For any assistance, Please refer to;
> For apps which appear broken, it may not support ipv6 DNS64+NAT64, contact your application support
> CrowdSupport - https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Telstra-IPv6-Wireless-Network/bd-p/IPv6 <https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Telstra-IPv6-Wireless-Network/bd-p/IPv6>
> or reach out directly to Telstra Ipv6 Engineering team - ipv6wirelessdeployment at team.telstra.com <mailto:ipv6wirelessdeployment at team.telstra.com>
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