[AusNOG] IPsec issues over Telstra

James Andrewartha trs80 at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Fri Aug 7 01:57:44 EST 2020

On Thu, 6 Aug 2020, Daniel Carpenter wrote:

> Anyone seeing any new issues forming IPsec IKEv2 tunnels over both Telstra.internet and Telstra.extranet lately? I’ve been
> trying to implement a new hub and spoke for a new environment using a HA pair of FortiGate 300e as the hub and Teltonika RUTX11
> as the end devices. My P1 and P2 come up fine but have little luck sending any traffic. Static routes created with the tunnels
> on both ends appear fine. I’ve tested the RUTX11 on our external wan with a public IP out of our APNIC provided subnet and it
> works flawlessly. Not operational yet luckily but if I cant figure it out in a week or two ill be forced to do it with OpenVPN.
> Or configure it with IPv6.

I can do it (IKEv1 though) with the embedded LTE modem in a FGT 
30E-3G4G-GBL, but if I use a Netgear LB2120 connected to the FGT, the VPN 
doesn't come up (I haven't investigated further yet due to lack of time).

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