[AusNOG] IX NSW Routes on 26/06/2018

Paul Holmanskikh ausnog at pkholm.com
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Hi Mitchell. 

55.5k smells like Hurricane.  Check when routers from them flapped last

On 2020-04-24 00:34, Mitchell Zeglis wrote:

> Evening AusNOG, 
> I was poking around the NSW IX Australia grafana metrics and stumbled across something which was odd. Does anyone know what happened to the total number of routes (RS1/RS2 IPv4 routes) on 26-09-2018 at NSW IX? 55.5k routes disappeared for a few hours. Tried looking at past incidents, news articles for BGP hijacks in Sept 2018 and even the AusNOG archives going back to that date & couldn't find anything. Bit of a shot in the dark, but anyone know or remember? 
> Kind Regards, 
> Mitch 
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