[AusNOG] My condolences to the people trying to sort out remote learning

Mark Delany g2x at juliet.emu.st
Mon Apr 20 16:29:11 EST 2020

> I'm still seeing a number poorly implemented mixed RA/DHCPv6 going on in
> CPE's.

Yep. If I were a CPE vendor I'd be embarrassed. RSPs who are rolling
out v6 are being hampered by their preferred CPE vendor dithering
around solid v6 support. Cough, Netcomm, cough.

I understand that most of the higher end gear is up to scratch, but a
good amount of the mid-range and low-end CPE gear that has been
deployed over the last 2-3 years is still lacking with no updates in

Given my $100 edgerouter does ipv6 just fine then the CPE vendors
really have no excuse.


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