[AusNOG] Adding an address to NBNCo?

Mark Stewart mark at nabc.com.au
Fri Apr 17 12:23:42 EST 2020

With this property – the land developer has done the right thing in notifying NBNco of the development and to ensure that a rollout was done in a timely fashion.

Now depending on whether the land development and the house builder are the same company or group of companies, this is where it will come to be a bit of an issue. If they aren’t then the land developer would be expecting one lot, one NBN installation and would not be catering for the granny flat, hence two installations on one lot. Or if they are, then during the development phase of the land development, they never really catered for multi-tenancy on one lot of land. This is all too common as people don’t bother thinking everything through correctly and provisioning services adequately.

I suspect what’s happened in your situation is that the granny flat had an address update go through to request a change from 26 to 26a and NBNco accepted it; therefore the NBN was allowed to be installed on the granny flat sacrificing the main property NBN service.

What will need to happen going forward is an address notification will need to be submitted by the provider and NBNco will most likely accept it but will claim that extra works will need to be completed in the area to service the new property. Even though there will be empty lots of land, vacant houses etc, they will not use another NBN service from another property to service your friends property. Stupid as it may, that’s how it rolls and I’ve encountered this issue plenty of times in the past on varying degrees. If they do claim extra works will need to completed, then you could be looking at a substantial amount of time until NBNco will allow the property to be connected. The best thing to do is get the address addition  request put in as quickly as possible.

If you need help doing the address addition request, let me know and I can reach out to a few Telstra contacts that should be hopefully able to do it with having to proceed with an actual order.

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Pretty much what Louis said.

If it’s a brand new estate, then it’s option 2 and the developer has dropped the ball. A colleague of mine was in a new greenfields estate in Metro Melbourne, no Telstra or NBN cabling whatsoever, took them 6 months to connect him.

You can ask the RSP to go down the “please add the location” and see what happens, takes a few days, you’ll need to supply proof of address docs and Lat/Long as well.

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On 17 Apr 2020, at 08:56, Louis Crossing <me at louis.id.au<mailto:me at louis.id.au>> wrote:

There's two possible ways forward here:

1: It's a missing address - your ISP of choice needs to lodge a case with NBNco for this. You'll need proof of occupancy such as a utility bill, rental agreement, etc.
NBNco will then review the case and hopefully add the address into the system. When they do this, there's a chance they'll add it in as "not ready for service" if they're unsure if the infrastructure is there to support it, and they won't care if you tell them it is. At that point it becomes a waiting game until they decide to update the service class. Based on an order I had completed last week that had this problem (and from previous experience provisioning NBN orders for an ISP), this can take 6+ months sometimes. Good luck.

2: It's a new development that wasn't registered - this seems less likely based on your description, but if it is the case, the details to proceed are here: https://www.nbnco.com.au/develop-or-plan-with-the-nbn/new-developments
It's been a while since I worked on provisioning NBN orders but this used to (and probably still does) attract a $300 new development charge at minimum, with other fees possible.

Anyway, option 1 is probably what you want.


On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 at 05:20, Skeeve Stevens <ausnog at futurecrime.agency<mailto:ausnog at futurecrime.agency>> wrote:
Hey all,

I've got a friend that has moved into a new house in a new estate.  They are the first person in the house.

The house has two properties, say '26 Blah St' and a granny flat in '26a Blah St'.

Someone had already moved into the granny flat and has connected NBN.

In the NBN lookup, and all the ISPs I've looked at, only "26a" drops down, and no other... and most ISPs don't let you proceed.

NBNCo's website says talk to the ISP...  but they all basically refuse to move forward in the application to order.

Anyone know how to get the address added to NBNCo??

Whereis.com.au<http://Whereis.com.au> seems to show the correct maps... Google doesn't. Hmmm



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