[AusNOG] Traffic volumes & COVID19 impact?

Bevan Slattery bevan at slattery.net.au
Fri Apr 3 13:42:38 EST 2020

It’s all relative.  Streaming still makes up the vast amount of capacity usage, but yeah Video conferencing type data has increased significantly.  This will only grow over time once school goes back and the vast majority of students are logging in all together for the first time.  Hold on!



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Looks like streaming been flat & gaming and vc gone through the roof.

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Hi Phillip,

Canopus Networks, a home-grown “DPI” vendor with deployments at several RSPs across the country, is putting out a daily tracker on network traffic trends.

It shows aggregate traffic for conferencing, video, game-play, and game-downloads at: https://canopusnet.com/

The graphs are updated daily and are interactive.

Anyone interested in further discussions, or wants to try the Canopus software to get insights into their network traffic, is welcome to contact me off-list.


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Subject: [AusNOG] Traffic volumes & COVID19 impact?

Hi Folks,

Just an open discussion on how the industry is going with current situation with lockdowns and traffic shifting to WFH mode?

Any interesting stories and what trends are people seeing has changed in traffic flows?

Are you able to continue rollouts, pop/dc work?

did you the extra 40% cvc help?

Whats broken?
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