[AusNOG] Weird Cisco SSLVPN issues from what appears to be from Telstra 4G users

Beeson, Ayden abeeson at csu.edu.au
Fri Jun 28 10:58:31 EST 2019

We are a Telstra 4G / Anyconnect SSL VPN shop and I haven't heard of any complaints for this issue. Are you using Anyconnect, or just using the clientless VPN?

Are they 100% using the 4G connection and not accidentally on hotel / public Wi-Fi that might have a captive portal on it? I didn't think Anyconnect even had a portal detection feature, I've never seen one on any versions I have run.

There might be a portal check feature if it does have one that is failing to reach your ASA/VPN termination gear, even though the actual connection is fine. I'm not aware of specifics around a mechanism if one exists so that’s speculation at best, but maybe ICMP reachability etc?


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    Have anybody else picked up weird issues regarding SSLVPN connections.
    We've had a bunch of customers complaining about getting popups
    claiming that the user is behind a captive portal and needs to
    authenticate/resolve connectivity issues first before the SSLVPN
    software can connect.
    a bit spread thing trying to locate the exact reason, but seems it is
    very erratic with customers scattered.
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