[AusNOG] Odd dramas with NeuStar (AS19907) traffic via Mega

Rob Thomas xrobau at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 10:16:45 EST 2019

I haven't gone as far as actually opening a TICKET yet (let's not do
things officially, what a crazy idea), but I'm wondering if anyone
else has had reports of traffic loss to NeuStar hosted networks.

This started happening about the middle of last week, apparently, and
it was only escalated to me yesterday. The appearance is that traffic
that is routed to them via Mega vanishes into a black hole - I don't
even get a response from their router.

This causes the symptoms of the school service 'Blackboard' not
working, and the online game 'Albion Online' reporting 'unable to
connect to server' - I was able to do some debugging on the game, and
Albion is trying to connect to (it has an open TCP
listener on port 135), which, yes, is advertised by 19907.

To work around the problem, we're filtering anything announced from
19907 via Mega, and sending traffic out a different link. We're still
RECEIVING traffic from them via Mega, so they know we exist.

Is this just me, or has anyone else seen this and we need to be
digging up the NeuStar people?


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