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Thu Jun 13 08:59:16 EST 2019

NTT AS2914 is available in Sydney and they have some routing tricks to import local paths to Telstra/Optus/AAPT from their NTT Australia subsidiary network.

Ask them about their DPS Lite product, costs you a small fee per port but it lets you install up to 50 permanent outbound stateless ACL rules on the NTT router. Drop the well-known UDP reflection attacks, UDP fragments, and GRE traffic with that ACL if possible and you should have covered yourself against the most common forms of volumetric DDoS attack with a tier-1 backbone's soaking capacity to back you up.

Besides, the NTT AS2914 security team is quite simply awesome.

On 13 June 2019 00:26:13 CEST, Mehmet Akcin <mehmet at akcin.net> wrote:
hi there,

recently one of our customers has received a minor DDoS attack (sub10g) and this has resulted in my customer's upstream to shut the customer down which has sparked lots of issues with their customers.

long story short, looking for a reliable network who can provide 1x10G in SYD, 1x10G in Melbourne reliable connectivity and can do better than other ISP which has disconnected us under tiny ddos.

if you know someone, I would appreciate points, thank you all.

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