[AusNOG] going rate for a rooftop installation?

Jim Woodward jim at alwaysnever.net
Tue Jun 4 12:04:55 EST 2019

Hi Karl,

I used to work for a provider that installed fixed wireless connections, best course of action is to contact the building owner or property manager and as permission to install an antenna and then only discuss price if they wish to charge for roof space.

Quite often as long as they are aware of it and it's for an existing building tenant with the agreement that should they move out that the remaining infrastructure is removed at the tenants cost and sealing of roof penetration is 'made good' then usually there is no additional cost involved.

This is quite often dependant on how crowded the roof space is too and what standing agreements they may have with existing infrastructure installed on said roof but best advice is to only discuss cost should the owner/property manager bring it up. 

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On Tue, 2019-06-04 at 01:02 +1000, Karl Auer wrote:
> Someone wants to put an antenna on a roof. A pole-and-two-struts kind 
> of thing. What sort of price should they expect to pay? Is there a 
> "going rate" or is it a case-by case thing?

My question was completely misleading and I can only apologise to those who kindly sent me the going rates for getting an antenna installed on a roof.

BUT what I was actually interested in was the going rate for using the rooftop. I.e., the rental of the space by the owner of the antenna.

Regards, K.

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