[AusNOG] Commercially available CPE that supports 464XLAT

Damian Ivereigh damo at launtel.net.au
Sat Feb 23 14:21:56 EST 2019

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a commercially available CPE router that supports 
464XLAT (i.e. the 464CLAT part)? From what I have found only openwrt 
seems to support it. This is surprising given that the technology has 
been around for a long time - T Mobile in the US have used it to allow 
their network to become IPv6 only over 4 years ago. There is a 
reasonably mature open source implementation of it etc etc.


We are using CGNAT (NAT444) at the moment and I am over it - it breaks 
so many things that can't handle the double nat involved. The great 
thing about 464XLAT over (say) DSLite is that you can remove IPv4 
completely from the core network and you end up with just one IPv4 nat 
between the customers home device (XBox etc) and the internet - which 
most applications can handle OK.

I remember David Woolley from Telstra gave an interesting talk at the 
last AusNOG meetup (2018) where they had implemented 464XLAT with great 
success for their 4G failover. I am not sure what manufacturer they used 
- Sagemcom? - I think they had to get them to produce a special build. 
Is there a copy of his presentation anywhere?

So far I have spoken to D-Link and Netcomm and pretty much just got a 
blank look.

Would also be very interested in anyone who has managed to get 464XLAT 
into production.

I think it is worth having a discussion on this, so probably reply back 
to the list.


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