[AusNOG] AWS With Megaport

Joseph Goldman joe at apcs.com.au
Tue Feb 12 12:39:45 EST 2019

Hi *

  Just wondering if the following scenario is supported for EC2 
instances with AWS.

  Over megaport, I'd like to use a VXC (Or Direct Connect) - On that 
interface on my router, I put x.x.x.1/24, then on my EC2 instances I'd 
want to put x.x.x.2-254/24 directly on my compute instances, so those 
EC2 instances basically become a part of my broadcast domain over the 
VLAN on Megaport, and I can control data in/out of those instances.

  I'm fairly fresh to AWS so not entirely sure the correct way to go 
about it through the route tables, VPCs etc - is what I'm asking for 
relatively easy and possible?


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