[AusNOG] Amazon Peering Delays

Chad Kelly chad at cpkws.com.au
Sat Feb 2 23:18:26 EST 2019

On 2/2/2019 12:00 PM, ausnog-request at lists.ausnog.net wrote:

> Not something new either

Amazon Web Services have been buying a lot more transit lately 
particularly hear in Australia rather Ironically.

So peering doesn't appear to be much of a priority.

They connect to the big 4 ISP directly now hear in Au.

In terms of every ware else well they have transit in most other 
countries now as well and a lot of it, they have been spending heaps, as 
others have said Microsoft and Google are both putting the pressure on 
in terms of rollout.

Microsoft in South Africa and Google hear in Au.

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