[AusNOG] NTP Best Current Practices Internet Draft

Peter Tiggerdine ptiggerdine at gmail.com
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For all the windows environments I've run I've always used a 2 x raspberry
pi for a time source because of this very problem. Adding GPS time is also
very cheap.


Peter Tiggerdine

On Sat, Feb 2, 2019, 12:21 Michael Junek <michael at juneks.com.au wrote:

> Yes and no -- relative time is critical within the Windows network, such
> as synchronisation between Servers, Clients and Domain Controllers, which
> is why everything Syncs back to the DCs.
> The absolute time (syncrhonising to an outside souce) has no bearing on
> its operation. (Excluding things such as domain trusts and the like)
> So in the case that the OP had, the whole network goes half hour out of
> sync, but relatively speaking, all the clocks on the network are within a
> few seconds of each other, and Kerberos etc doesn't die.
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> > On 2 Feb 2019, at 12:05, Michael Junek <michael at juneks.com.au> wrote:
> > Thats correct. Windows only has a SNTP client implemented, and not an
> NTP client. As such, it can only query a single NTP server, and does not
> have the algorithms to determine the accuracy of the time sources.
> That is pretty insane given how critical time is to the correct
> functioning of an AD network..
> Is there an MS solution apart from #yolo?
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