[AusNOG] NTP Best Current Practices Internet Draft

O'Connor, Daniel darius at dons.net.au
Sat Feb 2 12:31:13 EST 2019

> On 2 Feb 2019, at 11:48, Mark Smith <markzzzsmith at gmail.com> wrote:
> The problem that occurred with 0.au.pool.ntp.org proving bad time
> wouldn't have had an effect if the Windows domain controller had at
> least 2 other NTP time sources.

The behaviour of OPs system implies that a PDC does not use more than one clock source.

If that is true (I have no idea, but googling suggests it may be so) then you are going to end up relying on a single time server. In that case you are probably better firing up a tiny Linux VM running only ntpd (or chrony etc etc) which is configured for multiple pool servers and then point your DCs at that.

It does seem pretty ridiculous than Windows server can't behave more sensibly though..

Daniel O'Connor
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