[AusNOG] Smoke and radio performance

Steven Waite steven.waite at comtel.com.au
Tue Dec 10 12:49:18 EST 2019

We are seeing a similar thing. We have taken that into account within our fade margin. Only seeing 2-3dbm difference on the one or two 5ghz links we have. We have notice more of a hit on the 18ghz links but it only seems to be at night. I think its more related with humidity and temperature inversions added with smoke worse then last year. Noise floor has not changed.

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Nothing too substantial during the day on any of our 5GHz, 24GHz or 80GHz links. Plenty of early AM thermal ducting events that seem worse than usual on 5GHz. Not sure how bad the smoke is there, but our visibility was down to ~4km at the worst.


John England

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Does anyone have any real world measurement data on the performance impact from the bushfire smoke on point to point radio throughput?

We're seeing a hit on a 5GHz system over the last week or so which seems awfully coincidental...


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