[AusNOG] Emergency cross-connect at GlobalSwitch Sydney

Tim Khoury tim.khoury at synacy.com
Sat Feb 24 23:17:25 EST 2018

Hi Everyone,

We're in a bit of a bind.

It turns out our primary and shadow links were hooked into the same piece
of equipment on our carrier's end. Their firewall has now failed so we've
lost all internet access to our rack, with the earliest possible fix being
on Monday as they don't have the parts available.

Our rack is on Level 6 in GlobalSwitch Sydney.

Would anyone be able to help us out with an emergency cross connect this
Sunday with 10-15 public IPs? We urgently need access restored to the site.

We're happy to keep the link active on an ongoing basis if you can help us

Many thanks,
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