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Troy Cowin troy at perthsystems.com.au
Tue Feb 6 23:39:08 EST 2018

Hi All,

Just a quick thank you to everyone who emailed and called with suggestions/advice/contacts. It's very much appreciated.

Not yet up and running, but have some promising contacts to speak with first thing.


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Hi All,

Replying to this out of sheer desperation...

I have about 15 customers who TPP/Uber have just disabled their existing services on the Uber Exchange platform without finalizing the migration to the new o365 platform. I have spent the past 3 hours battling with support to either re enable the previous service or provide some assistance with getting the new services activated properly and I'm getting nowhere fast.

Is there anyone in the migrations team or ops team who can provide any level of assistance or direct me to someone who can.

All I'm getting from calls/live chat is to send an email and we'll get round to it at some point - in the mean time I've got ~120 users calling me because their emails aren't working all the sudden.


Troy Cowin

08 6365 2074 / 0413 771 588
troy at perthsystems.com.au

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On 11/16/2017 12:00 PM, ausnog-request at lists.ausnog.net wrote:

> Is it just me, or was last night's uber > TPP migration completely 
> screwed up? A couple of our domains had a blanked zonefile (cue the MD 
> asking why his inbox is suspiciously empty...) one has no "A" record 
> but seems to be working just fine...it's just a mess.
No it isn't just you, its well documented that the Uber to Netregistry / TPP wholesale migration has been a complete mess and its been the case for a good year or two now.
They also discontinued maintaining the old AussieHQ DMS so at times customers have had issues adding credit to the system and have been unable to renew domain name registrations for customers.
Given that from a legal perspective its the reseller who gets sued by the client / customer of the reseller and that the reseller is responsible for making sure the clients services are online Melbourne IT should be working a lot harder on not messing up migrations to prevent legal action.
I moved all of CPK Web Services client's domains and our own to Synergy Wholesale last year and lets just say things have worked a lot better since, I knew things were going down hill fast with NR when it took something like 3 weeks to transfer a .com.au domain name which should of only taken 48 hours.
Regards Chad.

Chad Kelly
CPK Web Services
Phone 03 5273 0246
Web www.cpkws.com.au

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