[AusNOG] How to setup something like LACP across two switches

James Cunningham jjazza26 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 09:17:51 EST 2018

Hello Fellow Ausnoggers,

I'm hoping that I can quickly pick the brain of someone more knowledgeable
in data centre networking than myself.

We have a customer in one of our racks in Equinix who has a single network
switch, and some servers connected to it. We currently have two connections
from our switch to the customer's switch, with LACP for redundancy (and as
a side effect, we get a slight bandwidth boost for 2 x 1Gbps connections,
which is a slight bonus).

We would like to improve this by putting in two network switches on our
end, to protect again a single switch failure on our side, but the customer
will still have one single network switch.

I'm pretty sure we can't do LACP with this style of setup - so what would
people recommend to achieve redundancy here? Main thing is that the
connection needs to auto-failover if a network switch fails, or if one of
the uplinks fails.

I have created the attached diagram which illustrates what we are trying to

Can anyone please help? I'll owe a beer at the Next AusNOG meetup!


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